Metritape Gets Order For Gauging Retrofit Of Seven Niarchos VLCCs

Metritape, Inc. has received an order for the retrofit of seven Niarchos VLCCs with centralized level and temperature gauging featuring the latest in Metritape modular readout and alarming instrumentation. The order, valued at over $500,- 000, includes unique Metritape Level/Temp sensors for a total of 104 cargo and slops tanks. Digital readout of both level and temperature, visual and audible high level alarms, and combination low/open circuit alarm functions are provided for each tank by individual modules.

On deck, analog ullage meters display tank ullage continuously at each tank top location, and an audible horn alerts high and overfill alarm levels.

The seven tankers, t o t a l i ng over 1V2 million dwt, are owned by the Niarchos Group and managed by International Operations S.A., Athens, Greece.

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