Stow Manual Contains Information On Solving Valve Problems

Stow Manufacturing Co. has announced a new Design Manual titled "Marine Valve Remote Operators." Design Manual No. 771 gives its reader technical information on solving a variety of valve operating problems, while providing the designer with complete design freedom.

Stow remote operators solve problems in locating and reaching valves. The system can be designed to place operating controls where accessible and convenient. Valves located in dangerous or uncomfortable environments are controlled from a safe distance.

Included in this 47-page catalog are selection procedures with examples, necessary formulas, installation diagrams, and ordering information. Economical and efficient Stow Systems not only apply to marine valve control, but also to remote control of many other devices such as radios, antenna indicator mechanisms, and rheostats. If you would like special assistance with complete system design, component selection, special materials selection, and special modification, contact Stow's Customer Service Department.

A copy of Stow Design Manual No. 771 can be obtained at no cost by writing to Stow Manufacturing Co., 86 Bump Road, Binghamton, N.Y. 13902.

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