Scientific Deck Machinery

Good opening round for German contender

It is difficult to quantify the benefits that derive from putting resources and management time into trade fairs. As with any such promotion, the industry characteristically sees this as an element of long-term commercial strategy. Feedback from


SNAME New York Hears Paper On Marine Gas Chemists

A meeting of the New York Metropolitan Section of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, held recently at the Buttonwood Restaurant in New York City, featured a presentation on the Marine Chemist. The topic, "Is This Ship Gas Free?

Honeywell-ELAC Names Reimann As Consultant

Honeywell-ELAC of Kiel, West Germany has appointed Manfred Reimann as consultant for the North American market. He will be responsible for increasing the presence of the company in the U.S. and Canada. Honeywell-ELAC of Kiel, West Germany has

260-Foot SEACON Is New Navy Offshore Construction Vessel

The Navy's first and only platform specifically designed for offshore construction has been acquired by the Chesapeake Division of the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (CHESNAVFACENGCOM) as part of its offshore construction equipment inventory.

Stow Manual Contains Information On Solving Valve Problems

Stow Manufacturing Co. has announced a new Design Manual titled "Marine Valve Remote Operators." Design Manual No. 771 gives its reader technical information on solving a variety of valve operating problems, while providing the designer with complete design freedom.

SNAME Annual Meeting

Robert T. Young, president of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, has announced the complete schedule for SNAME's 86th Annual Meeting to be held on November 16-18, 1978, at The New York Hilton Hotel. The meeting actually begins on Wednesday afternoon,

MSC Awards Biospherics Contract For 40 Oilarms — Option For 40 More

Biospherics Incorporated, Rockville, Md., known for its rugged sewage treatment plant instrumentation, is going to sea with a versatile new oil discharge monitor, the Oilarm. Applying its knowhow for making things work in harsh environments, the firm has turned out a tough,

Intelligent Software Agents for Machinery Diagnostics

Machinery plant maintenance represents a major expense for ship operators. In addition to normal maintenance expenditures, unexpected breakdowns have a significant cost impact. Recognizing the importance of preventing equipment failures, companies

Metritape Gets Order For Gauging Retrofit Of Seven Niarchos VLCCs

Metritape, Inc. has received an order for the retrofit of seven Niarchos VLCCs with centralized level and temperature gauging featuring the latest in Metritape modular readout and alarming instrumentation. The order, valued at over $500,- 000,

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