Environmental Monitoring

Phillips Named Principal Surveyor-Western Europe For American Bureau

Robert P.H. Phillips has been appointed principal surveyor for Western Europe for the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), and Vincent F. Roth has been named assistant area principal surveyor for Western Europe for ABS. Mr. Phillips and Mr. Roth are stationed in the ABS London,

NOx Emissions from Merchant Ships

Pollutant emissions produced by the global merchant fleet has always been suggested to represent a considerable contribution to anthropogenic emissions, with nitrogen and sulfur compounds being currently in the focus of public's interest. Emissions such as nitrogen oxides,

Improved Marine Boiler Reliability — Phase II

Recommendations Are Presented Which Will Enable The Boiler Purchaser Or Designer To Specify Materials, Design Features, And Operating Guidelines Which Should Assist In Establishing Boiler Reliability In an attempt to investigate the phenomena which affect marine boiler reliability,

Electro-Nav Introduces New Watch Receiver —Literature Available

Electro-Nav president Robert E. Negron announced recently the introduction of the company's new EN 2182R Watch Receiver, designed to meet IMCO A.383 requirements for continuous monitoring of the 2182KHz voice distress frequency. "The IMCO deadline for compliance went into effect in May,

The Double Ended Ferry — (Norwegian Style)

Norwegian endeavors to revolutionize the doubleended ferry concept have reached an important new stage with the confirmation of an opening order for the innovative FerryCat design to serve a busy route on the country's fjord-indented coastline. Developed by Fjellstrand,

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